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Thank you for considering adopting one of our rescued dogs!

All of our adoptable dogs are searching for their forever families! The list is always changing. and we do like to introduce them on Facebook 1st.  Several of our dogs get adopted before they even get to be posted on our website, because we have a previously approved applicant who is interested and waiting. or the Facebook post generates enough interest that we never have to post them on Adoptapet.  


Only approved applicants can meet our dogs. Our dogs are in private foster homes.  We do not have a facility where we board or house our dogs.  We want them to be part of a family where they can learn manners, fosters can evaluate  personalities and behaviors.  We take rescue and adoptions seriously and want to make sure we are placing dogs in the correct home the first time.  

We are located in Texas, however, we adopt out nationally to states we are allowed.


If you interested in applying to adopt any of the adoptable dogs we have, please  make sure you first understand our requirements before submitting application. We will not process any application that is not complete or submitted all required documentation

In order to ensure we are not failing the dogs we have made commitments to help, we do have a few Adoption Policies and Procedures. Our rescue is ran solely by dedicated volunteers, we receive hundreds of applications- making sure we have strict requirements and your understanding helps the process run smoother so we can place dogs in loving, responsible homes. 

1. All adoptions are conducted at the discretion of Ranger's Reach. No animal will be adopted out without being approved. 

2. Fill out the Adoption Application- we will do background checks on every adult in the home, we will verify that you are indeed the home owner if you say you own the home, we will contact landlord,  we do call vets, we Google your home, we Google your name, we call personal references.  Should any contact not respond back or able to verify information, application is denied.  This process may feel invasive, however we have made a commitment an it is something we do not take lightly. Applications must be completed in their entirety.  


3. All current pets in home must be spayed/neutered,must be current on all vaccines, including rabies. All pets must be current on heart worm preventative, your vets office will verify this. If you cannot afford monthly preventative, you probably should wait until you are able to adopt. 

4. Adoptions require either a home visit or a virtual home visit.  A fenced yard is generally a requirement, we do consider each dog and the lifestyle of the adopters in the decision process. We understand not everyone lives in homes with yards, each is on a case by case basis in what is best for the dog. 

5. Adoption applications require a copy of your drivers license or state issued id. These must be emailed to This is the only email coordinators have access to. No application will process before this has been received. 

6. There may be multiple applications for the dog you are interested in. We process applications in the order they are received and driver's licence /state id are received via email.  Should dog you are interested in be adopted, we will let you know. At that point if we have other's similar without applications, we will let you know.  

7. PLEASE NOTE: We take placing dog in the right home the first time very seriously- Should the dog you choose not be the right fit for your home, lifestyle or situation, we will gladly recommend other options.  While we do want to satisfy every applicant and thank you for looking to adopt, an application is not confirmation that you will receive the dog you applied for. 

8. Please only apply for a dog if you are 100% ready now to adopt a dog now. We do not hold dogs for any reason. 



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