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Thank you for your interest in adopting a dog from Ranger’s Reach.


The first step in our adoption process is completing our adoption application: 

Click here to go to the adoption application


Once an adoption coordinator checks the application, we would love for you to speak to the dogs foster so they can tell you everything about them.  Please keep in mind that we are all volunteers and it takes our coordinators at minimum a few days to check your application. 


As a part of our adoption process, we require that all household members over the age of 18 submit a copy of their driver’s license. This is to confirm that the address on your application is current and correct. 


Please email the copies of the driver's licenses to on one email and label it with your full name and "DL" in the subject line.


We allow 72 hours from the time of the application submission for copies to be received. Failure to do so will result in your application being archived and your application will NOT be processed.

View our available dogs on

Adopt a Texas Rescue Dog

All of our dogs are currently in foster homes in Texas. However, we facilitate transportation to the states where we list them for adoption, or close by. You might be wondering why we extend our adoption reach beyond Texas. The reason is simple: Texas faces a significant overpopulation challenge with stray dogs and shelter animals. In 2023, more than 359,000 dogs were euthanized in Texas shelters alone. By expanding our adoption efforts to northern states whenever possible, we hope to offer these dogs a brighter future.

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