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  • Where are you located?
    We operate solely as a foster-based rescue without a physical location. All our dogs reside in foster homes within Texas. We facilitate out-of-state adoptions in areas where transportation is feasible and local regulations permit. If you have any further questions please email us.
  • I found a stray dog. Can you help?
    What actions have you pursued to locate the dog’s owners? If not yet done, please ensure they are scanned for a microchip. Additionally, consider posting the dog on, the Nextdoor app, and notifying local animal shelters. In the event that you have done everything you can to locate the owners and you wants us to intake the dog into our rescue - please fill out our intake form. We'd love to help, but as a foster-based rescue, our capacity depends on space, timing, the dog's needs and funds available.
  • Can you take an owner surrender?
    We'd love to help, but as a foster-based rescue, our capacity depends on space, timing, and the dog's needs. Please share more details about the dog you'd like to surrender—breed, age, vetting history, personality, etc. You can complete an Owner Surrender Application and a team member will review it.
  • What is the adoption process?
    Read more about our adoption process here:
  • What is your adoption policy?
    In order to ensure we are not failing the dogs we have made commitments to help, we do have a few Adoption Policies and Procedures. Our rescue is run solely by dedicated volunteers, we receive hundreds of applications- making sure we have strict requirements and your understanding helps the process run smoother so we can place dogs in loving, responsible homes. 1. All adoptions are conducted at the discretion of Ranger's Reach. No animal will be adopted out without being approved. 2. Fill out the Adoption Application- we will do background checks on every adult in the home, we will verify that you are indeed the homeowner if you say you own the home, we will contact the landlord, we do call vets, we Google your home, we Google your name, we call personal references. Should any contact not respond back or able to verify information, application is denied. This process may feel invasive, however we have made a commitment and it is something we do not take lightly. Applications must be completed in their entirety. 3. All current pets in home MUST be spayed/neutered, must be current on all age appropriate vaccines, including rabies. All pets must be current on heartworm and flea preventative, your vets office will need to verify this. 4. Adoptions require either an in-home visit or a virtual home visit. A fenced yard is generally a requirement, we do consider each dog and the lifestyle of the adopters in the decision process. We understand not everyone lives in homes with yards, each is on a case by case basis in what is best for the dog and it’s needs. 5. Adoption applications require a copy of your driver's license or state issued ID. These must be emailed to No application will be processed before this has been received. 6. There may be multiple applications for the dog you are interested in. We process applications in the order they are received and driver's license /state id are received via email. Should the dog you are interested in be adopted, we will let you know. At that point if we have other similar dog’s without applications, we will let you know. 7. PLEASE NOTE: We take placing a dog in the right home the first time very seriously- Should the dog you choose not be the right fit for your home, lifestyle or situation, we will gladly recommend other options. While we do want to satisfy every applicant and thank you for looking to adopt, an application is not confirmation that you will receive the dog you applied for. 8. Please only apply for a dog if you are 100% ready now to adopt a dog now. We do not hold dogs for any reason.
  • What are the adoption fees?
    Our adoption fees vary, according to species, size, age and other issues. Discounts apply in some cases. Our adoption fee covers deworming, heartworm tested (if over 6 months), started on heartworm preventative, flea/tick preventative, vaccinated for bordetella, dhppv, rabies (if age appropriate) and microchipped as well as spay/neuter at our pre approved vets. All puppies not altered due to age will undergo a foster to adopt contract until completed and an additional deposit of $100 will be required. The deposit is returned once you send us proof of alteration - must be within 7 days of surgery. OUT OF STATE ADOPTION (NON TEXAS ADOPTERS) : A transportation fee of $350 is required in addition to the adoption fee . This fee covers the health certificate, required by the USDA, to travel as well as transportation cost. Please be advised that our dogs are adopted to their forever families prior to being transported. Unfortunately, it is not possible to meet the dogs in person prior to adoption. We will Facetime, Zoom and you may speak with the dog foster family. We only send well behaved, well rounded dogs, sending anything other fails the dogs.
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